Young romance

Infinite AR - Episode 682

Jim turn your back said Sally

Do I have to? said Jim turning his back on Sally and the two woman reluctantly.

Jim heard a noise and then two high pitched voices. He turned around to see ... the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her blouse was very loose and she was arkwardly holding on to her skirt to keep it up. She no longer had large breast nor long shapely legs, but for Jim she was perfect. Her face was round and innocent. The makeup she was wearing look like a girl playing dress up. She hadn't noticed Jim yet because she was too busy adjusting her clothes. She was made ever more attractive by the fact that she obviously was not wearing a bra. Even with loose clothing Jim could catch glimpses of things he had never seen before.

The girl looked up and saw Jim and smiled at the attention. She took a step forward and

tripped over her too large shoes and socks and fell into Jim's arms

  1. they kiss
  2. they are interrupted by
  3. Jim's device is hit by the girl when she falls and
  4. Sally shows them something
  5. SE

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11/28/2005 3:50:31 PM

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