Jim and Julie Womb together

Infinite AR - Episode 6815

Jim and Julie's new mother was nursing them on separate breasts. She sang a nusrey tune as they suckled. Slowly but surely, both babies were shrinking back in age. They went from 10 months to 5 months to 1 month. It was not long until the mother was craddling two newborn babies on her chest, each suckling on her breasts. Suddenly there was a blink and Jim and Julie vanished from the mother's chest. At the same moment, her belly expanded out to being nine months pregnant with twins.

"Frank, I sure hope my babies are born soon, it's so close to the due date", said the pregnant woman.

"Well, I've finished the nursery, so it'll be ready when they do. Be patient Heather, you still have a month to go", said Frank to his 8 month pregnant wife.

"Help me with the dishes", groaned Heather as she got up from the chair, her 7 month belly made it hard to her to get up from sitting.

"Sure", smiled Frank as he grabbed some dishes.

All the while they were cleaning up the dinner table, Heather's pregnancy was still reversing.

"I can't believe we're having twins", smiled Heather as she rubbed her 4 month belly.

"A boy and girl at that", smiled Frank as he kissed his wife.

They kissed and caressed each other for a few minutes. As Heather was walking back to the table, she spotted the age gun on the floor. She reached down and picked it up, looking it over carefully.

"Frank, where did this come from?", asked Heather, who by now was 2 months pregnant with Jim and Julie.

"Don't know, must be a toy from when your nephews were over. Remember the look on your sister's face when you told her you were pregnant, priceless.", replied Frank.

"Yea that was great. Well let's go put it in the living room for now and I'll call Rachael in the morning to come pick it up."

Heather and Frank walked toward the living room. By the time they entered the living room, Heather was just 1 day pregnant. A sudden urge came over Frank and Heather, their faces flushed. Heather dropped the age gun and kissed Frank deeply. The couple was soon into some erotic foreplay. Clothes came off and thrown around the room. The lovers were soon into making love. Jim and Julie were moments away from being unconcieved. Frank moaned out as semen rushed back into his manhood, from Jim and Julie sperm halves. Their egg halves moved back up into Heather's ovaries where they settled in. Heather and Frank rested and cuddled.

"That was wonderful, what a way to celebrate our new home", smiled Heather.

"Yea, it's hard to believe that only a month ago we were married"

Frank and Heather got back into some foreplay. They never noticed that they were regressing back, just like Jim and Julie had. Slowly, they re- entered their teenage years.

"What if your parents catch us?", asked Frank, who was now 16.

"Don't worry we still have another hour", smiled Heather wickedly.

Both teens were back into it. Not long after, both of them climax.

"It felt good, but hurt some", said Heather who just lost her virginity to her boyfriend.

"Wow that was better than masturbation", smiled Frank.

"We better get our clothes on before my parents arrive" worried Heather as she pulled up her panties.

The young teens pulled on their clothes. Heather noticed the age gun on the floor.

"Hey Franky, look at this.", said 14 year old Heather, now a virgin again.

"Wow, must be some new ray gun toy", smiled Frank as he looked it over.

As Frank looked it over, his finger brushed the trigger just a tiny bit. A burst of light hit both Heather and Frank, stopping their continued regression, but leaving them just 10 years old.

Just as Frank was about to asked Heather if she wanted to play with it, the front door opened and in walked Heather's parents.

"Frank, your mom will be here shortly. I hope that you and Heather have finished your homework and have not been playing around while we were outside.", said Heather's mom.

"Mom we've finished our work", said Heather quickly.

"We were not playing Miss Engels.", said Frank hiding the age gun.

"Good to hear, now Heather go get ready for your bath" said her mother.

"Here take this to your room, we'll play with it tomorrow", whispered Frank giving Heather the age gun.

"Okay" replied Heather in a whisper.

Heather hid the gun behind her as she made her way up the stairs to her room. Meanwhile, Frank's mother came and picked him up. Heather put the gun under her bed and got undressed for her bath. She noticed that her nipples were a little sore, her mother told her that was a sign of puberty starting. While looking into her closet mirror, she tried to imagine what she would look like all grown up. But her daydream got inturrupted when she heard her mother calling from downstairs.

"I don't hear the water running yet"

"I'm going now mom", shouted Heather in the hallway as she quickly made her way to the bathroom.

Once Heather was done taking her bath, she got dressed for bed. She was wearing a pink baby doll night dress that barely covered her underwear. Her mother came into the room and tucked her into bed.

"Heather after school tomorrow your Aunt Rachael is coming over with your cousins for the weekend. I need to you be on your best behavior"

"I will mom"

"Nighty night" kissed her mother on her forehead.

Heather went to sleep and dreamed childhood dreams. After a long and restful night, Heather woke up in the morning. As she was getting out of bed, she remembered the gun she hid.

"My cousin's better not touch it", Heather worried.

She walked over to her closet mirror and pointed at it.

"I'll give them this", Heather fired, "and that", she fired again.

The first shot regressed her to 8 years old, and the second brought her down to being 6 years old. Her PJ's had changed to a Barbie nightie. Heather now had a few of her baby teeth missing. Her mother walked into the room.

"Ah you're up sweety, let's get you ready for school.", said her mother.

Her mother help her remove her PJ's and put on a clean pair of undies. Next came her blue school dress and white shirt. Heather need help tieing her shoes, she still needed practice. Heather left the gun on the floor as they headed down for breakfast. After she had her full and washed up, Heather got her school supplies and put the gun in her backpack, so she could play later.

"Have fun in school", smiled her mother as Heather went out the front door to the bus stop.

Heather meet her neighbor, Frank, he was in the fifth grade, at the bus stop.

"Hi, short stuff. Lose any more baby teeth", smiled Frank.

"Not yet, but this one is getting loose", said Heather moving it with her tongue.

"Cool, more money from the tooth fairy", smiled Frank as he rubbed Heather's head, messing her hair up some.

"Stop it!", whinned Heather. "Mommy had it all nice", she said while brushing it back in place.

Some more kids showed up, all ranging from kindergarten to the 5th grade. They all piled into the bus when it opened it's doors. Heather sat down next to her friend Stacey, also in the 1st grade.

  1. Heather shows Stacey the age gun
  2. Heather plays with the gun in class
  3. Heather plays with the gun during recess
  4. One of the older kids takes the gun from her on the bus
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