Firefight in the transformation hotel

Infinite AR - Episode 68015

An explosion rocks the room, collapsing the far wall raining dust and debris from the ceiling. Jim screams as he tries to grab their baby parents, but a large, heavy chunk of ceiling falls and takes them out within seconds. The spray of blood from their former mother and father covers Katie in a fine red mist, but her reaction is severely delayed. She can't comprehend what has just taken place. Gunfire rings out, breaking the fog of sound caused by the blast.

"Katie, we've got to run!" shouts Jim over the sounds of bullets nearby. He tugs on her shoulder, but she won't budge, still looking at the seeping red goop that just was their baby parents. He tries to move her, but she won't budge until--

SMASH! The shattering of the glass front doors to the hotel breaks Katie from her delusion. She starts to cry, but there is no time. "Let's go!" Jim yells as they make a run for the hole in the wall. As Katie gives one last glimpse to the guts and red that leaks out from under the ceiling chunk, she knows she'll never forget. Just a she spins around to her brother's face, a stray bullet SNICK- blows through the side of his melon, splattering his brains along the wall and the ground. He goes down like a sack of heavy, gooey potatoes.

"Long live the king!" shouts a man shrouded in a white veil carrying a large automatic rifle. He points it at Katie, ready to open fire.

  1. Katie jumps for cover
  2. Katie charges the assailant
  3. Katie cowers in fear

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