Infinite AR - Episode 6801

As Jimmy headed down the stairs, he regressed into a three year old, forgetting what his gun was. To him, it was just a toy. His mother placed him on a booster chair and placed his food in front of him. As she did, he regressed into a 2 year old, changing his booster seat into a high chair and his training pants into diapers. His food became cut-up and changed into smaller portions. His age gun dropped to the floor, but was strong enough to resist breaking. He began eating his food, until he turned into a 1 year old and his food became baby food. At that moment, his mother fed him. After dinner, his mother changed his diaper as he regressed into a 10 month old. His mother opened her maternity bra and began breastfeeding Jim. Then...

  1. Jim is unborn
  2. The regression suddenly stops.
  3. Jim reverts to his true age, leaving him in an embarrassing situation
  4. Jim's mother finds the age gun
  5. The age gun malfunctions

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7/19/2006 6:57:03 PM

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