Jim and the pony switch species and ages

Infinite AR - Episode 6795

Jim felt the sharpest pain he had ever felt in his life come to his hands and feet like his fingers and toes were merging together and hardening along with his hands. He even noticed that he began to grow hair all around his body and even begin to grow a horse's main. Jim was no idiot he was turning into a worse. Jim then found himself forced on all fours and also he noticed he was shrinking a little, he then realized he had become a pony. Jim then starred at the pony and realized that now there stood an human that looked around what his human age. Jim and the pony had switched species and ages.

Ahh I am an adult human again. Do you know how long it took for a another human to come close to me said the man

Jim the pony then began to act really wild as he was scarred of what the former pony had just said.

Dont worry Im sure a human will come close to you soon or hey maybe you might like being a pony for the next 100 years or so.

The man then began to wander off out of the horse's stable and out of site. Jim couldnt believe what had just happened. Then Jim saw the stallen from before come near his stall.

I see, you had switched places with Frankie. He waited 100 years and when I saw you I had to force you in here. Dont worry people always come here every 25 years or so laughed the Stallon.

  1. Jim gets lucky and someone comes near him
  2. Jim makes the best of it
  3. Jim tries to escape
  4. Jim wakes up, it was a dream

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