Death at the changing table

Infinite AR - Episode 67949

As Sherry does her best to get Jim quickly cleaned up, a barrage of bullets pierce through the open window, striking her in the temple and decimating what was once her skull. Her brains are splatter all over Jim as he cries. Her body lands on him, bouncing off and hitting the floor. A bomb erupts nearby, talking out the wall and evaporating the changing table. Jim is tossed through the air into a pile of stuffed animals.

As a firefight erupts outside, a cleaning lady enters the room and bags up the stuffed animals, mistaking Jim for one as she crams him into the black garbage bag with them. She takes the bag out back to the dumpster, tossing it in to be picked up with tomorrow's trash. A stray bullet rocks her in the face, flipping her backward into the dumpster as well. She lands on a pile of dirty diapers.

A garbage truck hauls them away, compacting them as it goes.

  1. the end

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3/5/2017 10:51:22 PM

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