Large Expanse

Infinite AR - Episode 67946

Jim stands up, but then starts to squat, spreading his legs apart. As little farts come from him her grunts, pushing a fresh, warm load of poop into his once clean diaper. He fills in, pushing the mass out little by little until the back of his diaper has expanded to almost double the size. Proud of his accomplishment, Jim sits down, mushing the stinky mess against his butt. The smell floats through the air like a fog, and once Sherry smells it, she waves her hand in front of her nose. "Pee-yew! Someone made a big poopoo in their diaper. Was that you, baby Jim?" she coos. She picks him up, cradling his poopy but in her arms as she carries him over to the changing table. "We need to get you cleaned up pronto, cause you're very stinky. Yes you are! Yes you are!"

  1. Jim fusses during the change
  2. Jim is happy during the change
  3. The change is interrupted by...
  4. Someone enters the room mid-diaper change

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