Swirling Towards Doom

Infinite AR - Episode 67726

On sunny afternoon, it dawns on Sam that her children and husband a butt paste. So that night, just as they have all falling asleep, Sam grabs them one by one and carries them into the bathroom. She flushes the youngest, Amy Jo Poopington, first. Round and round she goes. Just as she reaches the bottom of the toilet, she wakes up and tries to scream, "Mommy!" but the sound is drowned out by the water around her.

Jerd "The Turd" Poopington. her 7 year old son, is next. He wakes up right away, and she has to wrap him up in toilet paper to muffle his cries. Down he goes, sobbing for help from his mother that he won't receive.

Samantha Poopington Jr., her eldest daughter, is next. She just graduated from high school and was accepted into Dartmouth. As Sam carries her to the bathroom, she wakes up. Groggily, she asks, "Where are you taking me, momma?"

"Don't you worry about a thing, sweet Samantha," whispers Sam in her ear. She sets her down carefully in the bowl. Samantha Jr.'s eyes open up and she looks around at the white porcelain. She cries softly, yellow tears of pee running down her cheeks.

"Momma, what are you doing?" she lets out a small squeaking sob, "Momma, I love you!"

"Don't worry, Junior. It'll all be alright. You need to trust me," Sam whispers as she pushes the lever. The toilet starts to run. As Samantha Jr. swirls around and around, she cotinues to weep.

"Momma, no! I don't wanna die!" Samantha Jr. shouts, trying to grab onto her mother's hand. Sam takes a step backwards. With a loud and powerful suck, the toilet devours Samantha Jr. Now for Lord Poopington.

  1. Wrap him up in a diaper and toss his into a diaper pail
  2. Flush him like the rest
  3. Put him in a dog poop bag and toss him in the trash
  4. Vacuum him out of bed with a shop vac

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