Upstairs Hallway

Infinite AR - Episode 67676

Jim can hear the vacuum running inside his room as he slowly approaches the doorway. He peeks in to seek Megan sucking up a pile of his legos from under his bed. They clatter up the tube loudly. "He sure doesn't like to pick up his things,"laughs Megan as she turns to the action figures in front of his dresser, unleashing the sucking power on them with ease. As she continues to void Jim's room of the clutter, he creeps across the doorway, hoping she won't see him.

He makes it as Megan pulls out a black trash bag, tossing the full vacuum bag in along with some of the bigger items on his floor like clothes, stuffed animals, a basketball, and a stack of books. She ties up the bag and walks out of the room, heading for downstairs. "Hopefully he won't miss these," she says, "Or he'll learn to pick up his things next time.

Jim looks into the now spotless room, the vacuum resting on the floor in the middle.

  1. Enter Jim's room
  2. Go down the hall to his parent's room
  3. go downstairs

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