Don't Make Me Wet

Infinite AR - Episode 67674

As Jim's mom enters the nursery with the bedwetting diaper in hand, Jim sees his brother in his crib and his sister standing near the changing table. "Climb up," his mother instructs Jenny. Still upset, she follows suit climbing up and lying down on the changing table. Jim's mom slides off his sister pants and steps on the diaper pail pedal, dropping them into the trash. She tears the sides of the wet Goodnite away, pulling it out. After she finishes wiping his sister, she drops the wet Goodnite and wipes into the diaper pail. She pulls the new Goodnite up his sister's legs. Jim is now trapped.

Jenny's stomach grumbles. "Oh oh mommy," she cries, "I hafta go potty." Before her mom can react, Jenny fills her fresh Goodnite with poop, covering Jim. He screams as the poop smothers him.

"Guess I have two little babies," laughs the mom. Once Jenny finishes, her mom rips open the sides and wipes Jenny clean, tossing the poopy Goodnite and Jim into the diaper pail. Jenny is diapered up with a big baby diaper this time, and set in the crib with her abby brother.

"I'm not a baby!" cries Jenny as her mom carrying the bag of dirty diaper out to the trash can at the curb. A garbage man immediately takes it and tosses it into the back of the garbage truck. It's crushed with a few bags of Jenny's adult clothes, since she won't be needing them anymore since she's now a baby.

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