I Know That You'll Be Safe And Sound

Infinite AR - Episode 67671

Jim feels around in the dark, looking for better cover. He feels the crinkle of thin plastic and climbs inside, feeling a cloth-like mass. It's soft and dry on the inside, so he pushes his way though and falls asleep inside his new safe spot.

Once the morning comes, he hears the door to Jenny's room open and footsteps enter. "Jenny, it's time to wake up for school," says his mom's voice. He hears the curtains open and Jenny stirring.

"I don't wanna," Jenny groans. Her sheets rustle and she gets out of bed.

"Let's check and see if you had an accident last night," says his mom.

"No!" Jenny shouts.

"Oops. Looks like you really wet yourself," Jim's mom states as Jenny starts to cry, "Why don't you go downstairs to your brother's room and we'll get you cleaned up." Jenny shuffles out of the room. The closet door opens and Jim is blinded by the light. He mom reaches towards him, pulling the Goodnite diaper he is hidden in out of the package. Uh oh.

  1. Try to jump out Jim
  2. Stay inside, it's still dry Jim

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