Rockabye Baby, On The Tree Top

Infinite AR - Episode 67661

Jim heads for the nursery. Once inside, he heads over to the crib and climbs up. His brother sees him and grabs him. Immediately thrust into his brother's mouth, Jim tries to fight it but his baby brother swallows him hole. Within a few hours and several diaper changes, Jim's remains finally slide out of his brother's butt into a wet diaper as he is playing outside in the back yard. Megan sees the squatting and pushing and laughs, heading over to the now stinky baby. "Looks like someone needs his diapee changed," Megan coos as she lays the baby on a portable changing pad and grabs a fresh diaper and wipes pouch from the diaper bag.

Megan skillfully undoes the tabs and opens the diaper, wiping as much of Jim as she can off his brother's bottom with the diaper. She sets his final resting place aside as she cleans up the remains with a couple wipes, stuffing them inside the dirty diaper when she has finished. She straps on the fresh diaper and snaps his onesie back on, picking him up and letting him go play again. Megan then grabs the diaper and wraps it up, carrying it inside to the diaper pail. She steps on the pedal and drops it in.

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2/28/2017 7:57:57 PM

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