All The Other Jims With The Pumped Up Kicks, They Better Run, Better Run

Infinite AR - Episode 67658

Jim runs as the vacuum shoots towards the tissue, sucking it up with lightning speed. He slides under a sock just as it is sucked up with a THWUMP. She jumps over a Barbie mini- skirt that gets immediately devoured by the hungry vacuum. With each item, Jenny cries harder and harder. "There really is a lot of junk under here," booms Megan's voice as Jim hurdles over a Polly Pocket that shoots past him into the vacuum. He makes it just past a toy motorcycle that clatters up hose loudly. "Keith sure is gonna be pissed when he hears what happened," jokes Jim, referencing the book and/or tv special ,The Mouse and the Motorcycle. He laughs to himself as he makes it out from under the bed, heading for the closet. He climbs under the door, momentarily safe.

  1. Search for a safer place in the closet, Jim
  2. Exit the closet when the coast is clear, Jim

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2/28/2017 7:27:24 PM

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