Further Under the Bed

Infinite AR - Episode 67654

Megan looks around at the mess of the room. "Didn't your mom ask you to pick up this stuff?" she asks. Jenny looks over at her, not answering. "Well, it's time for bed anyway. Why don't you put on your pajamas and brush your teeth."

"But it's only 8!" cries Jenny.

Megan plugs in the vacuum. "It's bedtime, and what I say goes. Go brush your teeth and I'll start cleaning this up." Jenny gets up and heads for the door.

"Are you going to put it all away?" Jenny asks softly, stopping just outside the door. She looks worried.

"You had your chance to pick it up. Go brush your teeth."

"No!" cries Jenny, "I'll pick it up! I promise!"

Megan turns on the vacuum, looking at Jenny sternly. "Go now. Brush your teeth." Jenny starts to cry as she walks away. Megan turns the vacuum nozzle to the piles of clothes on the floor first, sucking up socks and pair of panties. As the nozzle goes back and forth slurping up various things, the hoses shakes as the stuff rattles down into the vacuum bag. She sucks up the necklaces, some Polly Pocket clothes and dolls, and a few small shorts. As Megan sucks up a pair of headphones, he sees they're attached to and iPod nano that clatters up the hose with ease, Jim watches in horror.

He runs towards the back of the bed. Hiding under what feels like a tissue, Jim watches as the vacuum sucks up everything in sight. He sees Jenny, who is still crying, drag her feet back into the room. As she sees Megan push the vacuum over a pile of scattered loom bands, she sobs even more. Megan keeps vacuuming, telling Jenny, "Put your pajamas on." Jim can only see their feet as he watches his sister head over to the closet and open it up. Her clothes drop to the laundry basket on the floor of the closet and she grabs her pajama pants, pulling them up.

"Are you forgetting something?" asks Megan rhetorically, vacuuming up a few hair ties and stuffed animals near the side of the bed. Jenny stops, taking off the pajama pants and putting on a Goodnite instead. She continues putting on her pajamas and shuts the closet door. Megan sucks up the last few things on the floor as Jenny climbs into bed. "Now I just have to get under the bed," says Megan.

  1. Stay put, Jim. She may miss you with everything that's under here.
  2. Run for it, Jim.

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