Billie Jean is Not Jim's Lover

Infinite AR - Episode 67653

Jim does the moonwalk. In a bright flash of light, Jim opens his eyes and can see Megan across the room through a series of white, wooden bars that he is hanging on to. She sucks up a small bug with the vacuum, laughing as she does so. "Haha! Gotcha!" she exclaims. She turns to Jim, smiling softly as she kicks off the vacuum with her foot.

"Aww, is somebody awake from their nap?" Megan coos, opening the vacuum and pulling the full bag out.

Jim can't believe he's switched places with his baby brother. If he's here, then his brother must be...

Megan steps on the foot pedal of the diaper pail, dropping the vacuum bag into it. She heads over to the crib that Jim is sitting in as the lid to the pail closes. As she reaches in for him, she sniffs the air. "It smells like someone needs their diapee changed. Yes it does! Do you make a poo-poo in your diapee for me?" She lifts him up, holding her against her chest as she carries him over to the changing table. She sets him down, buckling him onto the changing pad.

The door to the nursery opens and in walks Jim's sister Jenny. She's already dressed for bed. "Can we watch a movie tonight Megan?"

Megan untapes Jim's messy diaper, pulling a few wipes from the tub near him. "Sure thing. Just make sure you're 100% ready for bed. Teeth brushed?"

"Yup," nods Jenny.

"You have your PJs on," adds Megan as she undoes the diaper and wipes Jim's butt clean, rolling up dirty diaper and wipes and fastening it into a ball, "Are you wearing your diaper?"

Jenny scowls, stomping her foot, "It's not a diaper!"

"Sorry," Megan corrects herself as she steps on the diaper pail foot pedal, dropping the used diaper in. She takes her foot off and it closes again, "I mean Goodnite. Are you wearing your Goodnite?" Jenny doesn't answer as she looks sheepishly to the ground. Jim kicks his tiny legs in the air as Megan fastens another clean diaper around him. She picks him up off the table, smelling his new, fresh-scented Pampers. "Go put on your Goodnite, then I'll let you pick the movie." Megan sets Jim in the crib as Jenny runs upstairs.

  1. Play With the Stuffed Giraffe, Jim
  2. Cry, Jim
  3. Immediately Wet Your Diaper, Jim
  4. Fall Asleep Even Though You Just Woke Up From A Nap, Jim
  5. Try Doing The Moonwalk Again Even Though Your Baby Body Can't Do It, Jim

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