A change of Reality

Infinite AR - Episode 6756

As Jim and his mom made there way back to the car the only things that filled the parking lot were the cries of Jim and the stench that radiated from his now fully loaded diaper.

"Shhhh, it's okay sweetie just a few more seconds and we'll get you out of that stinky diaper and into a nice fresh one", Jim's mother said trying to comfort her son.

Jim's mothers words of comfort were in vain though as the only thing Jim was focusing on was all of the toddlers in the store that held their noses as he went by and the comments about the state of his diaper made by the cashier.

Feeling the cart stop, Jim was lifted out of the seat as his mother held his bottom with one hand as she opened the trunk, squishing the mess into Jim's skin. She then laid him down on a changing mat as she proceeded to open the pack of diapers and wipes she had just bought. Once the supplies were ready, Jim's mom untaped the sides of his diaper and her hand in front of it.

"Pee You, mommy's little boy definitely needed a new diapee, didn't he" She said as she proceeded to clean Jim up. This only made Jim blush as he now noticed his once proud manhood reduced to something only slightly bigger than a tic-tac. Also to Jim's horror, he now saw onlookers looking in to him being changed. To them, The Onlookers didn't see a full grown man who had been regressed, all they saw was a little baby who really needed changed.

Jim was then snapped back to reality when he felt a cold wipe go between his lower cheeks. She then taped a new diaper around him and threw the old one away in a conveniently place trash can.

"All done stinky, you were such a good boy that mommy's gonna .........."

  1. Breastfeed him
  2. Give him a bottle
  3. Give him a plushie
  4. Kiss him and drive back home
  5. It was a dream

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