You Better Run For Your Life If You Can, Little Girl

Infinite AR - Episode 67498

Jim dashes for the opening, narrowly avoiding the sucking radius of the vacuum. As soon as he hits the ground just outside of the couch, Megan hears the vacuum shut off. Megan unplugs in and carries it upstairs. "Time to clean up upstairs," Megan says to herself as she heads upwards. Jim gets up, safe for the moment.

  1. Head back towards the nursery, Jim
  2. Head to the kitchen, Jim
  3. Maybe upstairs is a good idea, Jim
  4. Nah, let's go to the front hall where the dog sleeps. Surely that is a good idea, Jim
  5. Perhaps sitting down and recuperating is the best plan of action, Jim

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2/28/2017 6:46:21 PM

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