Shoe Times

Infinite AR - Episode 67495

Jim jumps onto this mother's shoe, riding it as she carries the bag of smelly, poopy diapers out to the trash can. He waves to Megan as his mom passes by, but Megan doesn't see him as she is too busy sucking up Polly Pockets from under a chair cushion.

Jim flies through the kitchen, hanging onto his mom's show for dear life. They make it outside and his mom tosses the diapers into the garbage can. Before Jim can jump off, his mom heads back for the house. Going too fast to jump off, Jim rides back through the hose, past Megan again who is busy sucking up all kinds of things from under the couch. His mom heads upstairs, turning left towards his room and his sister's room. "Please go to my room," prays Jim as he hangs on.

His mom walks instead into his sister's room, where she is lying on her bed reading a magazine. "Megan's downstairs. Please don't give her trouble, Jenny. I'll be back soon," his mom tells his sister. As Jim falls off his mom's show onto the ground, he sees Jenny roll her eyes. "Also, are you out of Goodnites?"

"Mom!' Jenny shouts, annoyed that her mother would bring this up.

His mom opens up Jenny's closet and finds an almost empty package of extra large girl's Goodnites, decorated with mall purple butterflies. "We don't want you running out. I'll pick some up on the way back from my meeting." Jenny slumps back on her bed. "Also, pick up your room. Megan will be up here to vacuum once she's done downstairs.

Jim's mom steps out. Jenny rolls her eyes, going back to her magazine. Jim crawls under the clothes, toys, jewelry, and other object on the floor as he heads for the bed. After what seems like an hour, he safely reaches a stack of magazines just under the bed. The door swings open, and there stands Megan with the vacuum cleaner.

  1. Hide further under the bed, Jim!
  2. Climb up the bed, Jim!
  3. Watch what transpires, Jim!

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