Indiana Jones-like

Infinite AR - Episode 67494

Jim jumps forward, narrowly avoiding his mom and the massive bag of poopy diapers she is carrying to the garbage can outside. As he runs to the nursery door and tries to climb under it, Megan sees him from a distance. "Ew! A bug!" she exclaims, pulling the canister vacuum by the hose towards Jim. His heart begins to race as he tries to squeeze himself under the door. The vacuum nozzle draws nearer and nearer.

As if by magic, Jim pops through the small opening, jumping to his feet as he hears the vacuum slam into the door. Muffled through the door, he hears Megan speak, "Did I get it? I don't think I got it." The door starts to open behind him as he runs to the wall, hiding behind a pile of beanie babies.

The door has swung open now, and Megan stands at attention, scouring the area around the door for the victim that has escaped her clutches. Jim looks over to the crib to see his brother sleeping soundly. Jim then turns his gaze to the changing table and the diaper pail beside it, hoping he'll never be trapped in there again.

Megan steps softly into the room, the vacuum nozzle moving along the floor as it whirrs about sucking up dust and small particles. She drags the canister behind her, looms for the elusive prey that is watching her secretly. Jim pushes up against the wall, slowly moving towards a bookshelf. He never takes his eyes off Megan in case he has to make a break for it. Megan pushes the nozzle over a pacifier, sucking it up. It rattles quickly down the tube, landing in the bag inside the canister.She turns her gaze to the beanie babies.

"They have too many of these in this house. I think they won't miss a few," laughs Megan as she pushes the nozzle over the pile of beanie babies, sucking them up one by one with a THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. The hose jerks wildly as they shoot down it into the vacuum bag. Megan smiles with each one, pleased to be rid of the clutter. Jim almost gets to the shelf as the last beanie baby is sucked up and Megan can now see him. "There you are!" she says as she pushes the nozzle quickly towards Jim.

  1. Jump onto the nozzle, Jim!
  2. Run for the bookcase, Jim!
  3. Stand still, Jim!
  4. Try to talk to Megan, Jim!
  5. Do the moonwalk, Jim!

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