Vacuum attack

Infinite AR - Episode 67488

Megan crams the wide vacuum nozzle under the couch. As she moves it around, Jim watches as she blindly sucks up cherrios, more lego, and a few polly pockets.

"There's a lot of junk under here," booms Megan's voice above him. The nozzle moves randomly back and forth, and Jim tries to dodge it as it gets closer. A lone sock near Jim thumps up the hose as he pushes away from the sucking machine.

"Oh my!" Megan jumps as the loud thump of the sock scares her. She pushes the nozzle further, sucking up a dirty lollipop and a few stray pieces of popcorn. Jim runs towards the opposite side of the couch where she has already vacuumed, vaulting over the vacuum hose. The nozzle hits a pile of loose change and Megan sticks to that area for a moment. Jim sees an opening near the side of the couch.

  1. Run for the opening.
  2. Stay put and wait for the vacuum to leave.

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2/22/2017 4:27:39 AM

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