Run for it

Infinite AR - Episode 67487

Jim runs towards Megan and the vacuum cleaner as she plugs it in. He gets just past her floor as she kicks on the vacuum and heads for the pile of lego in the center of the room. Jim is a foot from the nursery as he turns back to she Megan suck up all the lego with ease. They clatter up the hose loudly.

"They really should clean up after themselves," laughs Megan as she sucks up the small stuffed animal.

Jim turns to run and sees his mom exiting the nursery, full diaper pail bag in hand. Her foot is just above him, ready to crush him.

  1. Jim should stand there and scream.
  2. Jim should run into the nursery.
  3. Jim should attempt to jump onto his mother's shoe.

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2/22/2017 4:12:29 AM

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