Under the couch

Infinite AR - Episode 67485

Jim runs for the couch, which seems to be the closest option. Megan plugs in the vacuum and hits the on button with her foot, starting with the pile of legos. The clatter up the vacuum hose as Jim jumps under the couch.

Once Megan has finished sucking up all the lego pieces, the vacuum finishes by swallowing the stuffed animal whole. The vacuum hose shakes as the toy shoots down it into the belly of the vacuum. Molly vacuums the open area, shoving the hose blindly under the chairs and coffee table. Then she spots the couch.

  1. Jim should stay put. Maybe she'll miss him.
  2. Jim should run towards the vacuum.
  3. Jim should hide near the back of the couch.

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2/22/2017 4:02:47 AM

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