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Infinite AR - Episode 6715

Jim's mom look around for her cheerleader uniform. Eventually she some how found her old blue and gold uniform. "Oh! Gross! There's dust all over this! Jim! Has mom been using my stuff as dust rags," Bridget yelled. Jim, mouth agape, started stammering, "I guess so, well umm..." Jim then looked down at the device and muttered out loud, "This is getting too confusing..." He pressed a button, and then Bridget began to regress again, this time into a 7 year old girl, an age that would be easy enough to convince anything to her, and yet he wouldn't need to do too much. The cheerleader uniform turned into a ballerina tights.

  1. Bridget remembers who she was
  2. Bridget only remembers up to 15
  3. Bridget's mind is at 7
  4. Bridget mentally regresses further

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3/10/2008 10:20:03 PM

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