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Infinite AR - Episode 6714

'Jim, I don't know what you just did but you change me back' his mother said as she tugged on her T-shirt in hopes that it would stretch to cover more of her mid section.

'Mom... What are you complaining about? You're young again!!!'

'Young? I'll say I'm young! TOO YOUNG!! And I look like a teenaged floozy!'

'What's a floozy?' Jim asked.

'Nevermind!' his teenaged mother replied as she pulled her ponytail around to see the blond hairs between her fingers. 'My hair!'

'What about it?' Jim replied.

'It's blond again... like it was when I was in high school... back when I thought it was cool for boys to think I was a little ditzy... '


'Don't you know anything???' Jim's mother exclaimed as her teenaged hormones kicked into gear 'Guys like blonds because they think they are easy!'

Jim laughed at hearing his mother trying to explain to him, a teenage boy, about a guy's thought process. 'Not doing any stereotyping when you say that are you?' he asked.

'Jim, I'm your mother and I order you to change me back!! I don't want to be some giggly, ditzy, boy crazy, teenaged airhead again. There's too much baggage. I know so much more now. I was sort of full of myself back then. I mean it was just because I was so naive and all but I was kind of a... bitch. But I was just a kid. I grew out of it. I don't want to go back there. I'm an adult!!' she said as she again tugged on the shirt.

'Why do you keep tugging on your shirt?'

'Because it's embarrassing to be dressed like this!'

'Isn't that how you used to dress?'

'Sometimes... and sometimes it was worse!'

Jim shrugged 'You're a teenager again and you look just fine for a teenager'

'I'm not going to stand here and debate this with you. Change me back, now!' she ordered.

Jim made a few adjustments on the device and aimed it at her.

'It's about time!' she told him.

Jim just smiled. His mother didn't actually change at all, but her clothing did! Her jeans shortened and went from mid calf up to her tanned knees.

'Jim? What are you doing???'

He didn't answer. The jeans faded even more than they already were and slowly turned into a pair of fringed cutoffs. Her top shortened a little more and now no amount of tugging would allow it to cover her belly button.

Her nails were suddenly painted a bright color that only a 15 year old girl would choose.

The fringed shorts kept changing and shortening until they turned into a denim mini skirt.

Her flip flops turned a bright neon color that went with her new nail color.

'Jim!' she yelled.

'What now?' he asked.

'Just change me back!' she said as she now tried in vain to stretch the material of her short skirt to cover just a little more skin.

'Didn't you used to dress like that? I mean, this device didn't just invent that stuff did it? It's something you used to wear isn't it?'

'I suppose, but that's not the point!!!! I'm not this girl anymore!'

'Well, I can change that too' Jim answered with a smirk as he fiddled with the ray gun.

'No Jim... I don't know what you're planning but....'

Jim didn't listen. He aimed the gun at his teenaged mother and let the ray engulf her. The only thing that changed at first were her eyes. He couldn't explain what was different but he saw a different gaze developing. Obviously, at first it was a look of surprise and shock but then it was something different.

' no.... I don't want to be a... a teenager... I was too naive... too dumb... Jim... please... please don't.... Jimmy... no.... .... no.... why this?... ....why?...... why?... .... Get outta my head! No!.... ...

Her arguments became less strident. Not only that but her eyes continued to change. Jim realized that her eyes were revealing a newfound innocence. Perhaps it would be better to say a re-found innocence.

Her expression was slowly changing as well. From a look of shock and even horror to a look of defeat and then acceptance. It was clear she was no longer fighting the changes. Her face turned to a comfortable smile. A rather satisfied grin crept across her face. Then she had to fight to keep from outright giggling.

'Jimmy, this is so totally awesome!' she said as the ray gun finished its work 'I'm young again!!!! GAWD I'm like so glad that you didn't listen to that old woman!'

'What old woman' Jim asked.

'Your mom!' she answered 'She had a chance to be all young again and wear cute clothes and stuff and was totally being a wuss! Look at me! I'm back!!!!'

'Yeah, but you're still my mom' Jim told her.

'Sure, technically... I mean, like, if you're talking about that DNA stuff or -whatever-... But if you mean that old hag that was trying to make me go away while she 'grew up' well... she's gone now! Gawd this is so coooool! I thought I was just going to be a fading memory and now I'm 'me' again!'

Jim pieced together what had happened while he looked at some data on his computer. Meanwhile, his teenaged mother used the opportunity to check out herself in the mirror. From the computer analysis it appears his device first regressed his mother's body just like expected. Then when he tried to use it on her mental capacity, what it did was split her personality and then slowly allowed her teenage self to assume control.

Jim stepped away from the computer and looked to the table to see his ray gun missing. His mom was examining it while she blew bubbles with some bubblegum she'd found.

'Nuh huh... I don't think you'll be getting this back' she told him 'Not until I'm sure your mom, the old hag, is a goner!'

She sat down, calmly crossed her legs, and dangled a flip flop as she icily contemplated her good fortune.

'I want to go see that old gypsy woman that does hand reading and I'd like YOU to drive me' she told Jim.

'Drive yourself!' an angry Jim shot back.

'A few things to consider' she replied in a smarmy tone 'One, I'm 15! I'm too young to drive. Two, even if I had a license, I don't know HOW to drive!'

'And that's my problem, how?'

'You didn't let me finish.... And three, if you don't want to be my BABY brother then you'll do whatever I say!'

Jim realized she had a point. A good one!

"Why the gypsy woman?' Jim asked as they got into the car.

Jim's mother put her feet on the dash with the ray gun in her lap with her right hand on it and shook her head 'That's for me to know...'

After a short drive, they were at the gypsy woman's strange little shoppe.

  1. Jim's mom wanted the gypsy woman to make Jim think he was the brother, not son
  2. Jim's mom wanted the gypsy woman to help erase her older persona...for good
  3. The gypsy woman wasn't there
  4. Jim tried to wrestle the gun away from his youthened mother

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