It's just a date

Infinite AR - Episode 6713

"Uh, I thought we'd just cozy up on the couch." Jim suggested trying not to be turned on by his now attractive mother. "Oh no you don't, you promised me we'd go somewhere on our first date." "Right, so then let's go to the movies." "But I want us to go on a double date just for fun." She pointed out. "Okay, let me just make a call." Jim said as he dialed the number of his friend Frank. 'Hello?' Frank asked the other end of the phone. "Frank listen it's Jim." 'Hey Jim, what's going on?' "You and me are going on a double date with two girls." 'What? You don't have a girlfriend.' "Well you remember that "invention I told you about?" Jim asked his friend and looked to see his younger mother not even paying any attention to the phone call. "I used it on my mom and now she's 15 years old and wants our first date to be a double date with someone." 'But I don't have a girlfriend and besides this has to be some kind of prank from you, I know you couldn't have gotten that thing to work.' "Look just hand your mom the phone and I'll prove it." 'Fine, hold on.' 'Hello?' Frank's mother asked on the other side of the line. Jim used the device knowing it would go through their phone line turning Franks mom into...

  1. A 15 year old girl
  2. An 18 year old girl

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1/17/2013 2:59:47 PM

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