Some unforseen changes

Infinite AR - Episode 6708

"Let me see here," Katie remarked as she made adjustments to the device and then fired again at Jamie. Soon Jamie's hair was much darker and her breasts were larger, at least a double D. She also apeared to enlarge a bit and developed a bubble butt, and there were now crows feet around her eyes and laugh lines were starting to show."Oh, my... I didn't quite mean for that to happen too?" katie gasped. "What do you mean dear,and what is with my voice...and...would you look at me, I look like some middle aged barfly," she said as the 48 year old grabbed for the device."I'm sorry..."stammered Katie as...

  1. she dropped and broke it
  2. the device gets turned on her
  3. the next thing she knows she is back in diapers
  4. she gets older than Jamie
  5. they both become two old ladies

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12/9/2007 5:36:09 PM

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