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Infinite AR - Episode 66866

I think I found this site about a year ago, give or take a few months, and I've loved it ever since, but this is the first time I've posted anything because, as the title suggests, I'm more of a reader than a writer. I just wanted to say that I personally enjoy the fact that when I come here, I can always find plenty of ab/dl stories (my main fetish), but if I'm in the mood for something else, there's plenty of other things to be found.

So I say welcome all!

Oh, and just to add another data point, I had always assumed the ar stood for age regression as well, but only because that's so closely related to what I was searching for when I first found it. Alternate Realitys makes sense too, and I don't think it really matters at this point anyway.

PS: I wanted to write a post-script, but couldn't think of one!

  1. A place to share panty-poop sites?
  2. If you feel like yelling at me or people before me, write here I guess?
  3. tHIs f0r is To mkE bRaiN Hutr*
  4. If you want to politely agree or disagree with something I said, have a page.
  5. What's that down there? Golly gee Batman! It's more options!

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