Infinite AR - Episode 66800

This is all very true. Many of our sites have been shut down and there really aren't many places left for us. To be honest, it doesn't even seem like there are that many of us here. There is only a handful of us who create content and none of us do it all that regularly.

I wish there were still sites for us to go to but there really aren't any. Besides, the essence of this type of story telling allows us all to completely change each others' ideas. If somebody didn't like one of my stories, they could simply use the add new option function, say that my story didn't happen, and say that something else happened instead. Age regression, diapers, pantypooping, or any fetish could really be brought to any story line. If there isn't enough of one kind of content, then it is up to the people who enjoy that fetish to write more.

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2/1/2017 12:38:34 PM

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