Your hypocrisy astounds me!

Infinite AR - Episode 66798

You didn't want a war, and yet you used the word "cancerous" to describe us along with a suggestion to kill ourselves in the available options. And you're calling me a troll for loading those responses with a bunch of panty pooping stories?

Guess what, I'm an intelligent, sensitive human being not lacking in empathy; and if you had posted a well-written and polite statement about your concerns for the original intent of this website and some well thought-out considerate arguments for why you felt it best we move on (as well as some helpful alternate website suggestions), I may, If it was convincing enough, actually, have considered doing so.

Your opening post was rude, antagonistic and incredibly arrogant in assuming your own fetish is somehow morally superior, and if you genuinely thought that you wouldn't get any hate back in return then it also shows a considerable amount of ignorance regarding people's emotions.

Your post made me angry, I admit it. But I don't like being angry, it burns my insides and when it's over it just leave me feeling hollow and depressed. So instead of swearing or calling you names, I simply revelled in what I love.

By the way, what I love is panty poop stories - silly, over-the- top, couldn't- possibly-happen- in-real-life, panty poop stories. Don't ask me why, just crazy I guess.


To any other Age Regression fetishists I offer my kindest regards, I know this is essentially your site, but I hope that we can continue to co- exist together on here if possible. When I start a story branch, for example see the opening for Viral Outbreak or Wishes at the Breakfast Table (Magic Ring), I will always give clearly sign-posted options for AR and AP content as well as the ABDL/Pants Wetting/Messing options (not forgetting the ever-present and tantalisingly vague "Something Else" option). I hope this is reasonable, but if you would like to offer some (friendly and polite) ideas for further compromise I will of course be open to suggestions.

I apologise for the lack of AR/AP options on my response stories to Anonymous Signer or if their content took you off guard, it's easy to get caught up in the moment whilst revelling.

  1. Some friendly and polite ideas
  2. More Hate (will probably get responded to by more revelling, but sure give it a go)
  3. Jim finds a device that can change people's age
  4. A comet crosses earth's path causing people to switch ages
  5. One of those tantalising "Something Else" options

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