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Infinite AR - Episode 66795

Didn't a lot of pantypoop sites go down/ become pay sites in the last few years? I think a lot of their usesfound this place and decided to write their own stories, which happen to be about panty pooing as that's their fetish, much like how there's a lot of people who are fans of Age regression. It just so happens that a lot of ways for panty poopers to write their ideas, create stores and just chat in general have been taken down or made unavailable to them. I think that's the reason there's a lot of panty poop stories here as of late; it's an influx of people with a similar taste in fetishes th nowhere else to write their ideas. And even if a new site popped up, including to down just as fast (Think of or how pooalexa made into and added a MASSIVE paywall and made people PAY TO WATCH USER SUBMITEED VIDEOS THAT WERE PREVIOUSLY FREE ANDMUPLOADED WITH THE INTENT THAT THEY WERE FREE AND AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE

Aso, hitting the checkbox that enables episode extension (the one at the bottom of the page before you publish a story) allows people to add onto stories. If more people did that, it would mean that the (up to five) suggestions for a new option that the episode writer came up with don't get taken over by some who liked the story, but wanted to work their ideas/ fetishes into the plot line.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Happy writing and good luck to everyone reading this.

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