Theres a Limit and a Reason for my Actions.

Infinite AR - Episode 66756

I am simply voicing my opinions here. Not trying to start a war but still... I am a simple man and the AR Archive was what I thought to be a definite place to call home for my particular fetish and what it entails. To see people come on here with their particular fetish and overtake what the site and the CS branch was made for is... well its just frustrating.

I don't like to confront people normally but still... it just seems to be a circle jerk to piss off people and not a fetish... as from what the comments I had originally entailed. I was berated and insulted by people who called me a pedophile and generally trolled me with stories of the same ilk of that what I was complaining of. its just unfair to see a site I loved turn into a vile hellhole full of assholes who wish to insult the very thing that the creators of this site revealed in. If you believe me to be wrong then so be it... But to insult me and berate me for an opinion is unjustified.

To end it here, I just want to say how this is not a Alternate Realities Story Chain, but a AR/AP/Infantilism Continuous Story chain. If you wish to do these kind of things there are plenty of places to do so such as CYOTF and etc. Please go there instead of plaguing a site me and many others consider to be the only place to have a quality continuous story without the invasion of tomfoolery and stupid name calling. Goodday everyone.

  1. Respond I guess?
  2. Bitch at the Writer I guess?
  3. Random Story I guess?
  4. Something else I guess?
  5. Potato Farm Returns PART TWO THE REVENGEANCE

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