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Infinite AR - Episode 66740

I thought about posting something when the first angry post was made, but at the time, I decided against it. I thought I may as well say that I too thought this was an alternate reality story site; furthermore, I always thought of it as more of an archive for any kind of story that anybody wanted. Since this site has no comment system or anything of that sort, everyone has always kind of been free to do what they like, which to me seems great. I have always enjoyed that there is a wide variety of stories and interests on this site, and I have also enjoyed the fact that some of the fetishes that do not get a lot of content made for them have spread their seed here. I may not understand some of the other fetishes on this site, but I know that people should always write what they want regardless. I hope this site continues to thrive as a place for everyone, and I hope everyone has a good day.

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1/30/2017 3:49:42 PM

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