Macy's unwannted return

Infinite AR - Episode 6646

Marcie was still crying loudly when her mother walked in the front door. Jim, still a two year old tried explaining things to her but either he was too cute or she was too distracted. Macy sees Jim and Marice lying on the floor, their clothes piled around them and exclaims, "Oh my god! What has happened?!" Looking closely at Marcie's clothes a sick realization overcomes her. "Marcie?! Marcie?! Is that you?!" Jim was becoming desperate to contain knowledge of his device and panics. He knew the device could regress people and that, eventually, he might be able to fix things. A frown overtook the two year's face and he aimed the now heavy remote at Macy. She was crouched over Marcie's clothing, trying to untangle her daughter. Jim presses the 'fire' button but the remote slips...

  1. Who's Momma are you?
  2. Before your time
  3. Running out of room

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6/3/2010 8:07:09 AM

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