Age device and drinking causes oops

Infinite AR - Episode 66456

While her friend was busy dancing, Jane sat there drinking and talking to those around her. She was completely oblivious as she did this that she triggered the device again. She sat there at her table drinking, talking and getting ever older. Her hair got grayer and grayer, her wrinkles deepened, and jowls started to show. After danceing for awhile, Kate came back over to sit down next to her. "Oh my, was that what you were trying to do? We're you going for being my mom or grandma?" "Mom?" She asked, perplexed at why Kate would say that. Kate found the device and stopped the aging...

  1. At age 65
  2. At age 70
  3. At age 75
  4. At age 85
  5. Se

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Miss Monique

1/19/2017 4:26:56 PM

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