Infinite AR - Episode 6623

As soon as the ray gun's beam of light hit 2 yr old Marcie, the changes took place right away but not like what 2 yr old Jim had in mind. He planned on the gun making Marcie older again but instead the gun was making her even younger. Her hair was begining to disapear and her clothes became more babish. Marcie could even feel her baby teeth going away. Jim watched in horror as Marcie regressed further into babyhood until she had to be no older then 6 months old. Her clothes had now turned into a one piece baby clothes and most likely a diaper was underneath. Little baby Marcie began to cry like the baby she had become.

Sowwy Marcie said 2 yr old Jim

Jim had no idea what to do, it seems his age altering device only did was make people younger and couldnt make them older. That was when..

  1. Jim found an extra feature he forgot about
  2. Marcie's parents came home
  3. Marcie made a mess of her diaper
  4. The gun powers begin to wear off
  5. There is a side effect

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7/12/2006 3:09:51 PM

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