Jim becomes a toddler like Marcie

Infinite AR - Episode 6598

Marcie was in shock to see her boyfriend Jim shrink before her eyes. Like her, his clothes shrank down with him as too became a toddler. I guess it was a good that I tested it on myself instead of trying to turn you back said Jim who had to be 2 years old now.

Jim I think you should try to turn us back said Marcie

Alright just let me get the ray gun ready and..

  1. Jim uses it on himself in hopes of turning back
  2. Jim uses it on Marcie in hopes of turning her back
  3. Jim uses it on someone else to see if this time it will make them older
  4. Jim finds a setting he forgot he added, the gun was on reverse

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7/12/2006 11:57:50 AM

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