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Infinite AR - Episode 65410

after serching the nest samus saw several large green turtles grazing the brush but thies were no ordnairy one they had large latax looking sack hanging on their rears. samus saw it expand on one and relaised it was pooping. samus was so destacted. she had no idea the one was behinder her samus felt some thing odd straped to her when she saw that she was wearing a simmlar one but blue. samus then felt her bowels release and the diaper grow warm. soon she forgot all about her mission and her life. she was content siting in a diaper. samus then started to graze on the plants just like the other turtles.

  1. she becomes a turtle
  2. she is visted by Ridley
  3. one with the swamp

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12/13/2016 6:10:06 PM

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