Wrong path

Infinite AR - Episode 65149

As you begin to squeeze through the cold soggy diaper, you notice it is getting harder to go further. Soon you realize that you are now stuck and that a force is holding you fast at the waist. You pull your lower body with all you might to hear a satisfying SQUOLISH noise as you free your self. You begin to push forward determined to find the amulet. That's funny you think it feels like I'm climbing appears. Ignoring this thought you push onward against ruffling to get through yet another tight area. Your hands start to sink into your surroundings as you try to pull yourself free. As soon as you free yourself you feel yourself fall and land within a air pocket with a SQUISH. You soon realize your grave mistake as you've pulled yourself straight through a unbelievably waterlogged soaked pamper. Your quickly try to jump to where you came. Suddenly you feel a large force being pushed down from the top of the pail. Your muffled screams couldn't be heard as the person began to push down to fit another diaper inside. The diaper seals you within as your crammed inside in the fetal position. You begin to cry as you realize your trapped. The diaper jiggles back and forth from your weak struggles. You have died inside of a soaked diaper. Soon the soggy prison would get to squishy for you to handle.

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12/8/2016 4:42:01 AM

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