8-year old jim leaves the store

Infinite AR - Episode 6513

When he comes out, he sees a girl who couldn't be any older than ten. She had brown skin, dark brown eyes and hair, and she was wearing a dark blue tee with a white stripe that ran the length of the shoulders, a pair of gray shorts, and a red beret. Jim couldn't help but approach her, for there was something about her that made him curious. Just then, she spots Jim, grabs him by the hand and says "Fo-give me for sounding cliche an' all that, but come with me if 'yall wanna live!" "Who are you?" Jim asked. "Abby Lincoln," she answered "but YOU can call me Numbuh Five!" "Number Five?" Jim asked "Of what?" "Heh, trust me, you'll see soon enough" she says. Now holding his hand tightly, Abby runs with Jim, hoping she can reach her destination in time!

  1. Jim wakes up
  2. I think I know were THIS is going!

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8/14/2010 7:19:20 AM

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