Baby Jim gets diapered

Infinite AR - Episode 65

Karus then took Jim to a changing tabled and began to put a diaper on him. If you insist of having the bladder of a baby then you must wear a diaper said Karus He finsihed putting the diaper on Jim and began to talk again Like I said ealier, Im a wizzard, I most do the black arts of age magic and as you can see Im getting old and soon I will die. I know what you are thinking, if I have the power to change mine and others ages why cant I make myself younger. The answer is that my outer body might look young but inside my organs arent. I want to train you as my apprentice so my magic can live on after I die. You will learn all the tricks of the trade and have all the power I have. What do you say? Jim responded...

  1. Goo Goo
  2. Yes
  3. Yes, but changed me back
  4. No
  5. No, now change me back

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11/14/2005 11:05:06 AM

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