Boi Finn 3: Art Class

Infinite AR - Episode 64440

“Here.” Marcus handed me a laminated timetable. “These are your new lessons, more suitable for a gay boi than maths and science. You better go to them… or else.” He added ominously as they walked off laughing, me standing looking like a super fag in the street. The first class on this new timetable was art. As I walked in I immediately noticed Tanya, Leron’s girlfriend, sitting at one desk, an empty space next to her. She ordered me over immediately and handed me an easel and canvas. I had always enjoyed painting so this didn’t seem too bad until Tanya pulled an image from her folder. It was Leron, naked and dripping with oil in a classic glamour shot style. The image cut off low enough to be suggestive but just high enough to cut off the massive penis I had seen first-hand the day before. “There you go faggot.” Tanya said as she gave me the picture. “I heard you’re a pretty good artist so I’m expecting good things.” For the next hour and a half I slaved away at the painting, ensuring each detail was perfect. Every time I made a mistake or did anything not up to Tanya’s high stands she slapped by juicy butt so hard the sound echoed through the classroom. By the time I was finished my butt was sore and I was close to tears. The painting practically shone with faggotry, every glistening muscle picked out, even the faint suggestion of pubic hair at the very bottom. “Well Finn, you certainly seem to have enjoyed the subject matter.” Miss Waters, the young 20 something blonde teacher, commented with a wink as she stared at my work. The knowing grin on the face of such a hot woman made me want the ground to open up and swallow me whole. For the rest of the day, in another act of humiliation, I had to carry my painting with me to all my other lessons, attracting constant shouts and catcalls. My humiliation was only just beginning…

  1. Finn's humiliation continues

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