Boi Finn Part 2

Infinite AR - Episode 64439

The rest of the day after the blowjob incident passed without event. However the next morning I saw to my horror that blocking the path up to school was none other than Leron and Marcus. Behind them were several other members of the football team, all unsurprisingly equally massive. They smiled in a way that filled me with dread as I walked towards them. “How’s it going Candy?” Leron called out mockingly as I neared the group. I was too scared to say anything and remained silent. “After yesterday’s little try-out,” continued Leron “We decided our new favourite faggot needs gaying up a bit just to keep things entertaining. First of all your clothes look almost like a real man’s, not appropriate for a real gay bitch.” Marcus pulled several items of clothing out of a sports bag. “Strip now faggot.” Marcus commanded. I hesitated until one of the footballers slapped me backhanded across the face as if I was some abused housewife. “You’re our bitch Candy so you do exactly what we say,” He added. With his hand raised to strike again I quickly pulled my plain green t-shirt over my head and slid my jeans off so I was standing just in my tight white boxers. “And those as well Candy.” Leron ordered. I reluctantly slid my underwear off as well, standing naked in front of the group of predatory black men. A girl I recognised pointed and laughed from the other side of the street as she too headed into the school. Marcus passed me my new underwear. It was a pair of feminine boy shorts in pink with the words “Cum in here” and an arrow pointing to my asshole stitched on the tight back. I stepped into it pulling them up tight around my tiny cock and shapely ass. Next came a pair of little tight daisy dukes with “gay” stitched on one cheek and “boi” stitched on the other. Finally the most humiliating piece of all was the new t-shirt. Bubble-gum pink, it was inscribed with “Boy Chaser’s Club” in large gold letters. It looked like something only the most promiscuous teenager or the biggest faggot would wear. I was shocked and horrified about the thought of wearing these clothes all day.

  1. Finn's humiliation continues

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11/10/2016 6:13:05 AM

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