Boi Finn Part 1

Infinite AR - Episode 64438

I had been dating Samantha for 3 months. She was considerably out of my league and I knew it but life had been good. My best friend was the school’s gayest boy, Christian. He was famous for willingly sucking off any guy who wanted it and even doing a little more for the big cocked black football players. A day earlier I had fallen out with Christian over some silly little thing that had grown into a needless row ending with me calling him less than a real man and a faggot. I regretted it immediately and the next day went round to his house to apologise. The house seemed deserted so I nipped round to the back garden. To my shock and horror I was confronted by the sight of Christian, naked, fucking Samantha by the swimming pool. He heard me enter and smiled slyly over at me. “Who’s a real man now Finn?” asked Christian glancing over at me as he orgasmed into my girlfriend. She noticed me but was clearly enjoying being topped too much to even respond, clearly orgasming herself as she moaned with pleasure, eyes rolling back. Christian, as casually as if he was just finishing a long run pulled out of my still orgasming girlfriend and wiped his sweaty brow with a towel. I had been frozen up to this point but with a sudden fury coming over me I leapt at my former friend and hit him hard across the face, catching his eye and causing blood to flow. He collapsed backwards crying and then ran inside covering his eye in pain. Samantha has finally come back to reality and smiled slyly at me as she pulled on her discarded bra and panties. “I’d never been with a guy before you but my god was I missing out. His dick is pretty small but it’s still so much bigger than yours. I’m sorry you had to find out this way Finn but you’re not a real man. He’s gay and he could still fuck me so much better than you.” She almost orgasmed again thinking about it as she dreamily headed out of the garden. I was left standing in the garden alone. The next morning I headed to school as normal. I needed the toilet and nipped in before lessons started. As I was washing my hands I felt a strong grip on each of my shoulders and was suddenly dragged backwards. I looked up and in horror saw Marcus and Leron, the star members of the football team. I was fairly wimpish but they were still giants, great slabs of muscle rippling with every movement, smooth tanned black skin glistening in the bathroom lights. They both had evil and terrifying grins on their faces. “We hear you hit our little faggot cock-sucking bitch Chrissie. He’s all too shaken up to give us a good blowjob. We need some relief and we figured it was only fair the guy who spoiled old Chrissie boi for us should be the one to take over.” Leron sniggered as he leant in closer. “No!” I screamed as I struggled against their iron grip. “If you disobey us not only do we beat you up but Chrissy reports that you hit him because he was gay. Imagine that. In this day and age you’ll get expelled for certain, maybe even arrested, imagine what prison will be like for a white wimp like you.” Marcus warned. I cried out again as Marcus pushed me to the ground. Leron unzipped his trousers and let the biggest cock I had ever seen fall out. It was at least 9 inches long flaccid and thick as well. Marcus pushed my head forward until my mouth, wide open, wrapped round the juicy black meat. I began sucking almost automatically, out of fear and sheer shock at the sudden course of events. For fifteen minutes I continued to suck his cock, following the instructions barked at me, eventually getting almost three quarters of the huge cock into my mouth, trying not to throw up as its tip hit the back of my throat. Eventually Leron came, great spurts of thick, hot, white cum spurted into my mouth like a power hose, the salty liquid covering my taste buds and tongue in his juices. He pulled out and wiped his cum covered cock all over my face. “Fuck! If that wasn’t the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Chrissie has been sucking our cocks for a year and a half now and you were better than him on your first go. I thought you’d be a temporary replacement but you need top billing, you’re a natural born faggot. Think we’re going to have to start calling you Candy from now on, fits a gay bitch like you a lot better than “Finn”!” Leron smirked again as Marcus stepped up for his turn.

  1. Finn's humiliation continues

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