Little Shannon

Infinite AR - Episode 6379

In the morning, when Daniel was sleeping Jenny was awoken by a knock at the door. She got up and walked over and answered it, this woke Daniel up.

"What is it Jenny?" asked Daniel

"Shannon!" exclaimed Jenny

"I want to become your unborn daughter Jenny, and Daniel my father" said Shannon as she walked into the room and started regressing in age.

"What!" said Daniel sitting straight up in the bed.

"But why Shannon? And won't that destroy those two you have in there?" asked Jenny

"No, because if you read that book that came with the book, you'd know that the fertilized eggs just rest in your ovaries until you're ready to give birth. And I realized after you left I want to be close to you, so if I can't be with you, I'll be within you" said the youthening teenage Shannon

"Wait a minute! I'm not ready to be a mother!" said Jenny to the prepubescant girl.

"I think you'll do just fine" said Shannon and then she lost the ability to talk, and continued getting younger. Soon Shannon was a newborn with an umbilical cord growing out of her belly button. Jenny, needing to comply, pulled off her panties and layed down on the ground and allowed the umbilical chord to snake its way into her vagina and through her cervix and into her uterus where it connected to her womb. To ease the unbirthing of Shannon, Jenny put her knees up as Shannon's feet were pulled into her, then her arms, shoulders, and finally her head was pulled in. Jenny laid there, exhausted from the experience, as her belly now showed a quite large nine month pregnancy.

"Jenny... are you all right?" asked Daniel cautiously from the bed.

"I... I think so... could you help me up?" asked Jenny, and Daniel got up and helped her to stand and then helped her maneuver over to the bed, once there she laid down and Daniel, not knowing what to say, laid next to her, hugging her, to show his support for her and her feelings. Jenny returned it with a kiss.

"You know, she wants you as her father... which means that we have to..." said Jenny

"Shh... you stay still, just concentrate on making her younger" said Daniel, and slowly Jenny's belly shrank until she was at the point of conception, it was then that Jenny could pretend she wasn't pregnant and actually enjoy the foreplay that Daniel was giving her. The sex wasn't all that bad, and Jenny, remembering what Shannon told her about adding sperm to a fertilized egg, added one of Daniel's girl sperm to make her their child.

"I can't be a mother at fifteen Danny" said Jenny

"Let's be twenty-five then, and we can go and raise our daughter" said Daniel, and Jenny smiled. She still was sad that Shannon was gone, however she was happy she had someone who made her feel as complete as Daniel made her feel. That night they aged to be twenty-five, packed their things away and left the hotel, married two months later, and seven months after that, gave birth to Shannon Delilah Young.

"She has your eyes" said Jenny with a slight sad smile, one night after they had brought Shannon home from the hospital.

"Don't be so sad Jenny... it's what Shannon wanted" said Daniel

  1. Jim and Shannon's original parents show up looking for them
  2. For Shannon's fifth birthday they take a trip to Florida
  3. For their tenth anniversary Daniel and Jenny return to the hotel
  4. A few years later Shannon gave birth to Linda and Ann
  5. They were content for now

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