Littling Little Alicia

Infinite AR - Episode 63772

Jim aims and waits until the Kindergartner makes it as far up the driveway and behind the home's fences as possible to screen her sudden return to infancy from being seen by the entire neighborhood -- he definitely didn't need twice the trouble. He just hoped that the five-year- old would regress quickly enough to not make too much noise before he could jump down and rush next door to get her inside the house...but he was hopeful, since she only had a short ways to go to reach newborn age and people under the influence of the ray seemed to get distracted by their regression.

At the last possible moment that he can clearly fire the ray at her, Jim pulls the trigger. The skipping little girl didn't show much of a sign to be able to tell -- but she did stumble a little, just before she disappeared behind the wall of the house. Jim hoped that was a good sign, and he hoped she would make it inside before she got too little to move, or tripped up by her suddenly huge clothes.

Jim leaped down the ladder from the treehouse and vaulted over the fence connecting the two properties, rushing to a set of french doors on the back patio to peer inside. His heart was beating a thousand miles-per-hour and only slightly slowed as he spotted the reflection of the front door opening and closing briefly...and then a former Kindergartner who looked a lot closer to a toddler than elementary school, rounding the corner and seemingly extremely confused as to why her shoes and shirt sleeves no longer seemed to fit. She only made it a few more steps into the room before her clothes completely swamped her, and she thudded to the floor a few feet from the door, reaching age two and quickly heading towards infancy.

"That was the easy part," Jim thought to himself, still very nervous. His plan now was to get in through the patio doors, pick up the infant girl and put her in her bedroom for a few minutes and try to zap her mother to her former self. If that all worked, Jim would escape before Angelina grew up enough to be able to identify him and return Alicia to childhood as he passed by. He really hoped nothing else would throw a wrench into the plan -- Angelina's husband might be that wrench. Jim knew he had to hurry.

With one more check through the window, Jim noticed that Alicia was about to reach the same age as her mother. She couldn't be seen too clearly, as she hadn't been able to escape her clothing, but based on the wet spot on her shirt and the puddle on the floor nearby, she had peed all over herself...that should be young enough, Jim figured. He reached across the doorway to the handle and rattled it -- it was unlocked. Perfect. He quickly opened the porch door and entered, making a beeline for baby Alicia, his hand on his age ray just in case someone surprised him.

  1. Jim quickly gets the infant Alicia to bed and tries to get Angelina back to adulthood
  2. Jim hears the tell-tale sounds of a car pulling up in front of the house

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