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Infinite AR - Episode 63101

The door opens slowly, the light rousing Jim from his unsteady slumber. He stands shakily, an unsure smile on his face. A figure approaches him, wrapped in a dark robe. Jim steps forward, sighing in relief. "Alright, alright, I'll give you my bank account, my social security number, just let me-"

A blinding pain floods his face as the figure slaps him across the face with inhuman speed. The man collapses onto the floor, spitting out broken teeth. The figure removes its robe and drops it on the floor, a familiar sneer painted across its monstrous face.


"A pity indeed, you didn't kill me then when you could. A pity for you I mean. Now you're here, and no one's going to save you."

The lithe, dark demoness steps back as another figure appears, far taller. It's body seems to be made of black, muscle-like shadows, save for the orange, scornful eyes. The figure growls, then smiles. It wraps a heavy, powerful arm around Natalie's waist, the other purring in an almost catlike fashion as he does.

She places a hand on the dark being's chest, and turns towards Jim, a mix of mockery and joy in her expression. "In a way I almost feel like I should thank you. Without your Device, I would never be like this, and I wouldn't have found my soul mate, so to speak."

The figure raises a hand, signaling Natalie to be silent, and glares hard at Jim. Jim in turn, raises his hands and shakes his head. "What the...what..what the hell is this?!"

"Hell indeed, Demiurge," snarls the figure. "You will know of us soon. Suffice to say I took pity on one you would abuse, and made my hand known. This world is ours to control, not yours, or your-"

Natalie taps on the other demon's shoulder, and whispers something to him. He chuckles in response before glaring back at Jim. "You will learn more of us, and we will meet again, Demiurge. Just remember one thing for now..."

He kneels close to the terrified Jim's face, and says something in a low voice. "I am Lord Exidiak. And the reign of the Masters is over."

Abruptly, "Exidiak", swivels, leaving the room. Natalie looks after him, then back to Jim's pleading eyes. She lashes out with a final kick that sends him across the room before scurrying out and after Exidiak.

The black door closes, and orange, burning liquid seeps from the ceiling. The barred windows close, and Jim stares in horror at the magma flowing in.

It's only a few minutes before he's a mass of burnt black bones.

  1. Time to reset.

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