Infinite AR - Episode 63099

The man stepped out of the elevator, a faint smile on his face. He walked towards the mall exit, wiping the traces of liquid flesh from his hands, even as the sounds of a distraught mother and father, calling for an ambulance, reached his ears. A few bystanders and someone with a doctor's bag ran by the man, not even noticing his odd smile. His lips pulled back, allowing his black teeth to glint for a second in the artificial light.

She was delicious, delectable even. She couldn't even understand what I was doing, the full volume of it. You didn't understand what she was feeling when I wormed inside her head, when I plucked her memories like ripe fruit and fed on them.

She didn't object, or make a sound, when I bent her understanding of time over backwards and devoured it. When I made every second an eternity of pain, every heartbeat the utmost agony.

Flesh was delicious, in its own way, but not in the way that thoughts were. Hers wasn't even worth my touch.

A pity, if she had been with her parents, I might have acted differently. Had the thoughts propelling the Infinite Tree onward turned to light, I could have been like the man I was a few seconds ago...a hero, a helper, or at least, not this thing I am. I would have even spared her.

But I'm not. And you should know that.

You made me.

  1. Take your thoughts to a better place, why don't you? I have hunting to do.

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8/12/2016 4:52:05 PM

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