Infinite AR - Episode 63098

The white fleshed, wire-tentacled thing pauses, and leans back, away from the girl. It is quiet now, almost contemplative. The girl continued staring at him, mouth closed tightly so she wouldn't scream.

The thing stretched one of its limber arms forward, pointing at her head. "You're a lucky little thing, aren't you? But don't forget me kiddo. I'll always be around, as long as you still desire. As long as power and lust permeate your brains like soup, I'll be here, standing over you. Like God Himself."

Then, abruptly, the light flickered out, leaving both figures in complete darkness. The girl curled into a ball again, this time letting the screams and tears pour freely from her mouth and eyes. She didn't stop screaming until the light streamed through the opened door.

The mother and father cradled their child, calming her fear and crying with relief at her safety. The little girl only had one thing to say in response.

"Monsters are real mommy."

  1. One is spared so that others can suffer in her stead. Come now, feed me some more.

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8/12/2016 5:36:29 PM

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