The Desire That Became

Infinite AR - Episode 63097

Jim licked his lips, then laughed softly. The girl was now covering her face with her eyes, shivering like a leaf, and refusing to look at him. "Look at me, you pitiful thing. I'm not finished yet."

Strangely, the girl actually straightened, taking her hands off and looking him in his white-dead eyes. Jim grinned again. "As I was saying...."

"Those who made Desire, were horrified by what they did. Even the most diseased among their members saw they had to destroy it, if only to prevent "competition". Some spoke of telling it of love, using their thoughts to make it into a messiah. SO they tried. But you see..."

"It had already tasted their lusty, beautiful desire. It had no wish to sacrifice what it was....and so,it swallowed their special, special minds whole.I swallowed their souls and desires."

The pale eyed thing smiled again, the barbed wire tendrils protruding from its back curving and thrashing mid-air.

"Your kind made me to want, to lust, to have, to take. So tell me, my dear child...why shouldn't I"

  1. Spare the child.
  2. Do what you Desire.

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