Torment, Flames

Infinite AR - Episode 63095

Jim wakes to light. Brilliant light. Too much light.

He is in a huge, dark arena of sorts, made from a black rock. Orange crystals jut out of random parts of the ground, and on the walls of the arena. Slowly, he notices the smell of brimstone and the sound of low, animal growling.

He catches sight of the "bleachers" of the arena. They are filled to the brim with dark, black-muscled figures, all with differently colored, gem-like eyes, all with malice glittering in said eyes.

Jim finally notices the thrones, standing at the edge of the arena. Two dark forms with crimson eyes sit on the thrones, close enough for him to see. One is the demonic, twisted once-Natalie. The other, a towering, humanoid figure, a massive silver crown mounted on its head.

"You have wrought madness against those you have no purpose to do so. You have overstepped your bounds, and have incurred my wrath. In the name of my queen, and mine, I, Lord Exidiak, sentence you to death."

The titanic dark being leans forward, a sneer evident on its face, even from far away. "See you next cycle."

"What? Where am I? Who are you? What is that noise?" Jim yelled, hoping to get something out of the monster. But then his last question was answered.

Hulking, dog-like beast ambled towards him, multiple jaws drooling dark liquid onto the ground. Jim turns, but more loom out from the darkness. The crowd cheers as they hurl themselves at the terrified, shivering form of Jim.

Blood and bones fly into the air, followed by Jim's horrified death-screams.

  1. Another grisly death. Nothing more to do here.

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